The Benefits of Partnering With TrueLink Capital Solutions

The goal of any small lending firm is the same: attract bigger and bigger clients so the firm can grow over time. This is an admirable goal, but there is one small problem. As you attract bigger clients, you may eventually receive one that is simply too big. Their needs are greater than you have the means to fulfill. In this situation, what can you do? It may seem like your only option is to turn them away, but then you would gain nothing for having attracted them in the first place. TrueLink Capital Solutions has the solution. Instead, consider entering into our referral and broker program. This allows you to receive a generous commission for your client, not to mention all these extra benefits:

  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Short payment delay after closure
  • Future reciprocals for clients who return
  • Avoid the bad reputation for turning clients away

Additionally, when you refer a client to us, you never have to worry about their needs being met. We are nationally recognized, which means we can fulfill even the biggest clients’ needs. Additionally, we take the satisfaction of our clients seriously. We understand that the way we interact with them does reflect back onto you, so you can count on us to treat every client with respect. We have a team of financial experts to work with each client and help them determine their very best option.

Working With TrueLink Capital Solutions

We are also looking for talented professionals to join our team. Do you have the charisma skills to explain complicated financial concepts to others? Are you passionate about really helping people? If so, you would fit right in on our team. We do everything we can to help small business owners get the working capital they need to keep their business operational, and you can be a part of that. Give us a call today to get started.