Growing Your Business by Using Purchase Order Financing

Whether your business involves sourcing products for customers or manufacturing them in-house, it can be challenging to strike a balance between controlling operations and cash flow. Accepting large or unexpected orders can place a big strain on finances and production, but turning down those orders is like leaving money on the table, and your customers will end up seeking out the competition. Purchase order financing from TrueLink Capital Solutions provides the capital needed to take on larger customer accounts to allow for rapid growth and a stronger foothold in today’s marketplace. TrueLink Capital Solutions works with many different companies, including importers, exporters, wholesalers, resellers, and distributors to help them achieve growth with purchase order financing. We offer the most comprehensive purchase order financing program which features such benefits as:

  • The ability to fulfill orders on time
  • Improve your market share
  • Get refunds quickly
  • No lost equity
  • Avoiding bad reputation
  • Avoiding accumulating debt

How It Works

Purchase order financing is a simple process. We provide the funding by directly paying your suppliers, thereby allowing you to fill large or unexpected orders. Once your customers pay their invoices, the balance on the funding is repaid and you take the difference as revenue, which allows for rapid growth. Contact TrueLink Capital Solutions today to learn more about how our purchase order financing program can give your business a greater competitive edge in today’s marketplace.