Get Financing for Your Business’ Equipment

Owners of small businesses know how vital the equipment is. Not only is the equipment one of the most expensive assets, it is also necessary for staying operational in most cases. If you need to repair, replace, or upgrade your equipment, it can be a serious problem. This is where TrueLink Capital Solutions comes in. We offer equipment financing to make it possible for you to manage your business’ equipment more effectively. We are committed to helping your business as much as possible, so give us a call today to learn more.

TrueLink Capital Solutions’s Financing Options for Leasing Equipment

Equipment leasing programs are an ideal method for getting the equipment your business needs while saving money and preserving credit ratings. Leasing equipment through TrueLink Capital Solutions offers tax advantages and the ability to get the latest models as they become available. Some of your leasing options include:

  • Equipment Leasing – Consider leasing new equipment instead of purchasing it outright. You can still gain ownership of your new equipment by entering into our comprehensive leasing program.
  • Start-up Equipment – Get your new business started on the right foot by getting new equipment prior to your doors opening for the very first time. It can be difficult to get that start-up funding, but we can help.
  • Government Leasing Programs – We are also able to provide equipment for government or municipal entities.

Sale Leaseback Financing from TrueLink Capital Solutions

Sale leaseback financing provides working capital for the value of equipment owned by your business. TrueLink Capital Solutions will purchase your equipment in exchange for working capital and then lease it back to you. You get immediate funding and regain ownership of the equipment after the balance is repaid. Our sale leaseback financing program gives you the capital you need to pay make payroll, purchase inventory, pay vendors, remodel, advertise, and meet other financial obligations.

Equipment Startup Programs

If you are launching a new business or have one that has been operating for less than a year, our startup programs provide the equipment financing you need to keep things moving. Our startup program features:

  • Low interest rates
  • Up to seven years repayment structure
  • Minimal or zero down payment
  • Financial statement not required if your application is for $150,000 or less
  • Middle market financing can be approved up to $500,000 and more is available for larger equipment pieces
  • Tax advantages
  • Optimal credit is not necessary

You can trust TrueLink Capital Solutions to get you the financing you need to purchase, upgrade, or repair your business’ equipment. We know how important these pieces of machinery are, which is why we prioritize speed when going through the application and approval processes. The sooner you get new equipment, the better. Of course, we are always happy to answer your questions, so feel free to give us a call any time.