Tips for Maintaining Positive Cash Flow

Having access to capital is incredibly important for your company’s overall success. When something disrupts the flow of your cash, it becomes more difficult to grow your business in a healthy way. Positive cash flow occurs when the money entering your business from sales and other services is greater than your company expenses. In order for you to maintain your working capital, it can be useful to look over some simple tips. Explore these ideas and see how you can improve the way your business handles its finances.


One major cause of capital issues occurs when customers are not paying you on time for the services you’ve completed. In this scenario, business owners will often turn to finance solutions like factoring. This service involves selling your qualifying invoices for a percentage of their total value. It can be quite advantageous because it is considered an advance and not a loan, so your business will not take on any debt. Only some invoices qualify for this service, however, and you should research the basics before setting your heart on this option.

Adjust Your Vendor Payments

Just as you dislike when your customers are not paying you for your work, your vendors are not pleased when you are behind on your own payments. When your cash flow is interrupted, it is easy to fall behind. Since you don’t want to destroy the trust you’ve built with your vendors or risk late fees, you need to communicate. Reach out to your contacts at these companies and see how you can work out a payment schedule that works for everyone and doesn’t cause any major disruptions in the supply chain.

Look Into Financing

Factoring is not the only service you can consider when you need to improve your access to capital. There are countless financing solutions worth exploring. Whether you need short-term options like a credit line to cover immediate expenses or a long-term solution like a bank loan, the improved access to cash can make a world of difference in how your business handles cash disruptions. Research the different services available and get a feel for which is best structured for the specific needs of your company.

Cash flow interruptions are common for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, this can lead to more complicated financial problems for you in the future. In order for your business to stay ahead, be sure to make the right adjustments to your current processes and improve your access to capital.


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