How To Build a Healthy and Positive Corporate Culture

Generating a positive corporate culture may seem like a waste of time when there are so many other areas that need your focus, but ignoring it could be a contributing factor to your company’s downfall. Statistics show that happy and respected employees are the most productive and successful. Creating an environment that is welcoming and friendly helps boost morale and the efficiency of employees.


Not every company is capable of giving out large cash bonuses or island vacations, but little things do matter. Employees need to feel appreciated and satisfied at their jobs. When an employee exceeds expectations on a project, it is crucial to give this employee the praise he or she deserves. When the employee feels needed, he or she will likely have the energy and enthusiasm to tackle the next project.


There are always going to be situations when a project does not go as planned or a sale falls apart. The employee handling this task may feel frustrated or dejected. These are the times when it is necessary for a supervisor to encourage the employee; it is important to explain to your worker what went right and then give examples of how things could be handled differently on the next assignment.


A smooth road in corporate culture is paved with supervisors who have great communication skills. Taking time to speak to employees about concerns regarding projects is key to keeping an office running smoothly. When criticism is necessary, it should be given in a constructive way so that the employee can grow and become more efficient at his or her job. If there are major changes impacting the culture of your company, it’s important to communicate these changes as soon as possible. Employees don’t like being kept in the dark regarding circumstances that are certain to have an impact on their jobs.


Employees are going to be at their best when they feel well. Therefore, it’s important for companies to provide the best health care possible. Besides health plans, it’s also important to have workshops explaining employees’ options when it comes to health benefits. They need to have the correct resources available to assist them in living a healthy life not only when they are at their desks but also when they walk out the door. Perks such as gym membership discounts and healthy foods in the break room are helpful to employees. Providing flu shots and health screenings at the office are additional ways to improve an employee’s wellbeing.


A positive corporate culture is well worth investing in. Employees who are healthy, feel appreciated, and receive encouragement and constructive criticism are more likely to be motivated, efficient, and successful.


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