Entrepreneurs Swear By These Productivity Hacks

Being an entrepreneur has its good and bad moments. While you can set your own schedule, be your own boss and develop a business idea that is entirely your own, you often work more hours than you sleep and carry an immense amount of pressure. It’s not too crazy to believe that pushing yourself too much comes at a price: productivity. What can an entrepreneur do to keep the fire alive? Give these tips a try whenever you feel your output lagging.


Get the Bad Out of the Way First


There is always one thing a day that you don’t want to do. Whether it’s a call to an unhappy customer or balancing the company’s financials, it is usually a task that gets pushed because you’re avoiding it. Flip your thinking and tackle the hardest thing on your plate first. Free up those hours you spent dreading the task, and accomplish that much more.


Learn How To Multitask


You may not believe you can multitask, but you can. Even if they aren’t high-level to-dos, try and combine activities to get them done. Read the financials while eating lunch. Tackle your overflowing inbox while on hold. Listen in on that conference call while on the treadmill.

Become a List Maker


If you don’t typically write things down, start doing it. Your productivity may be lacking because you have too much on your mind and things get forgotten. Get in the habit of making daily lists of things to do. Expand it to weekly or even monthly lists. If you know some projects need completing by month’s end, break them down into weekly bits. Use your phone, computer or an old-fashioned paper planner to get your needs down. Deleting tasks as you complete them gives you a sense of accomplishment.


Take a Break


You can’t always keep up the stressful pace. Take time to hit the reset button and unplug from work. It can be a difficult task, but giving yourself time away can work wonders for your productivity. Get out of town or spend the day at a museum. One day away from the job can work wonders for you.


After pushing yourself so hard to get your business up and running, you may find that your productivity and motivation are faltering. Create actionable goals, multitask when you can, get the hardest thing out of the way first and take the time to step away. All of these things can add up to significant improvements in your work-life balance you desperately need to continue your success.


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